#4 Can absolute truth actually unite us?

Hint: “Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend.”

– Dr. Martin Luther King

Hey AI, can absolute truth actually unite us?

The concept of absolute truth is a complex and highly debated topic, but in general, the idea of absolute truth refers to the existence of an objective and unchanging reality that is independent of human beliefs and perceptions. While it’s possible that a shared belief in absolute truth could potentially unite us, in practice, this is often not the case.

The reason for this is that different individuals and groups often have differing interpretations of what constitutes absolute truth. Even if people agree on the existence of absolute truth, they may not agree on what that truth actually is, or how it should be interpreted and applied in different contexts.

Furthermore, there are often cultural, social, and historical factors that shape people’s perspectives and beliefs, which can make it difficult to find common ground even when discussing the same concepts. In some cases, people may even be hostile towards others who hold different beliefs about absolute truth, which can further divide and polarize communities.

In short, while a shared belief in absolute truth could potentially unite us, the reality is often much more complicated. Instead, we may need to find other ways to build bridges between different groups and foster mutual understanding and respect. This might involve actively listening to and engaging with different perspectives, finding common values and goals, and working towards shared solutions that benefit everyone


Welcome to the LEAVES OF DISCOVERY Podcast!

Instructions: The LEAVES OF DISCOVERY podcast is for the sole purpose of collecting wisdom and truth, your wisdom and truth. We hope to someday lure the most brilliant truth seekers in the world (The Digital Moses and English Euclid?) to host our podcast and to assist in writing our TREE of TRUTH. Today the qualifications for the rest of us to appear are rather simple; all human beings who seek unity and agreement are not only welcome to podcast, but their wisdom is essential to the project.

Portal to Unconditional Love

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We hope someday the FACTS Foundation will become one of humanity’s guaranteed portal of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Forget humanity’s best collective attempt to agree and unite on truth, let’s just get together for one big group-hug.

Can a website like selfishtruth.com and its LEAVES OF DISCOVERY podcast someday become the (Spiritual Portal-In) to what we call our Tree of Truth?  We hope (believe in miracles?) that this metaphysical tree, it’s leaves, twigs, branches, trunk, and roots might someday represent humanity’s best collective attempt to spiritually “portal in” to UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Can we create a spiritual portal out of the frequencies of fear and darkness, and up into the higher frequencies of unconditional love?

We think we can. Forget the Divine on this one, at the FACTS Foundation, we believe that together, we got this. Keep the faith!

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