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Escaping Control

Escaping Control? Yep.

Turns out, all of life’s problems, from personal problems to global disarray, are caused by some form of needless control (selfishness), all of them. Learn how we can free ourselves from control.

The FACTS help us escape all forms of control.

#4 – Escaping Spiritual Control: Details

Time to Escape Spiritual Control?

Most need spiritual escape, that’s why churches are so popular. The FACTS eliminate the need for church, in fact they will free your mind to recognize church dogma and untruths. It’s these untruths that you still believe that are making you miserable. And that’s a FACT.

Escape the control and turn your life around, on a dime!

#2 – Escaping Human Control: Details

Time to Escape Human Control?

We all need Earthly Escape, that’s why most human beings spend their lives fighting for freedom from control. The FACTS provide a portal to escape to a better life without control. To escape control, we simply need to take our mind from ignorant to informed.

Escape the control and turn your life around, on a dime!

Recent Topics

#1 - Escaping Financial Control: Understanding central money supply, banking, and corruption. The greatest evil on planet Earth? Central Banking?

First we simply understand money, cash flow, and of course corruption, then we get rich diverting money from the corrupt.

#2 - Escaping Human Control: Understanding co-dependency, freedom vs. control, and the frequencies of laughter.

Need to break free from another person? Join the club!

#3 - Escaping Government Control: Understanding global corruption, elections, and your own freedom.

You a freedom fighter on planet Earth? So are we.

#4 - Escaping Spiritual Control: Understanding fear, human volition, religious dogma, and the frequencies of love.

Need to exercise a few demons, join the club.