Want a “2% Max Rate” world-wide?

So do we. Join the world’s first Two Percent (TP) Army!

We believe that a world-wide maximum interest rate of 2% will immediately solve the world’s most pressing problem… Banks have all the money. Even bankers agree a 2% max rate makes common sense.

What do YOU think?

The TP Army proudly supports these fine establishments!

Option #1

Private (FREE)

If you think there is a moral imperative to fight for the poor, then there is no greater cause than financial injustice. With your help, will free the poor from their captors, banks.

Please join using the form below.

As a Private, you get…

– TP Army Prestige!


Option #2

Corporal ($30 + shipping, no QR code)

A Corporal in the TP Army will receive honorary colors, T-shirt, Toilet Paper, and Bumper Stickers. Truly an inspiration for all who care about the poor.

As a Corporal, you get…

– TP Army prestige!
– TP Army T-Shirt
– TP Army “2% Max Rate” toilet paper
– TP Army stickers

Option #3

General ($30/Month, w/QR code)

$30/month, cancel anytime. You enter as a General and can now build your own TP Army! A TP Army General receives…


As a General, you get…

– TP Army prestige!
– TP Army T-Shirt
– TP Army “2% Max Rate” toilet paper
– TP Army stickers
– TP Army Podcast
– TP Army Dance Party
– TP Army $10/month recruiter program


T-Shirt Options

Choose from our ever-growing options of available designs, or create your own design using our TP Army trade mark.

Why the TP Army?

Humanity’s Last Hope

Matt Lambeau

“The TP Army uses words (printed on toilet paper, then launched with leaf bowers), not weapons to battle financial injustice around the world. It’s fun, it’s a party, everyone’s invited, but most importantly, it’s war of words, and nothing more. Please see “The FACTS: Humanity’s Last Hope” to better understand the biblical importance of this “dry bones” army and more importantly, the moral imperative behind it’s purpose. We are on a mission from God but know for certain, we can only succeed with you.” – Matt Lambeau