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Patrick T.

Is there such thing as human obligation? If so, how do we define it? Join us as we rewrite the “Global Charity” narrative to one that makes a real difference in all lives.

Global Youth

Cody Luke

What influence best serves the youth of planet Earth today? Can we elevate the youth mind, even above their parents? Absolutely, join us.

Escaping Control

Matt Lambeau

Is Trump good or bad? It’s your turn to speak! Are you one of those conspiracy theory nuts that think declassification? Let’s hope so.

Global media

Pat Kirk

Do you enjoy illustrating the rank idiocy of those unfamiliar with George Orwell. So do we. Don’t be a WILF, join us.

Global Corruption & Conspiracy

David Richardson

Is it conspiracy or corruption? Join us as we riffle through the day’s top stories simplifying it all for the common folk, WILFs.

Global cash flow


Where’s the cash flowing in today’s world? Should it flow though us? Is “Residual Referral Marketing” a moral cooperative?

Global matrix and Scripture

Chan the Master

You dig scripture and destiny? Join us. We will do a deep dive into our own destiny and the shortcut to the promised land.

Global Dogma

Mikhail Stevens

Is it just the Christians that are nuts or is everyone? What’s with these biblical “words” that got everyone going nuts?

Current Events

Mohn & the Messiah

Think the world is nuts? Join us as we ridicule the willful ignorance on planet Earth.

Exercise (Spiritualcise)


There are only two types of people in this world, those that spiritualcise, and those that don’t. There’s no more powerful drug than spiritualcising.


Bruggink & Hofmann

Two of the world’s most experienced teachers explain George Orwell and the world’s education narrative. Are we telling our students the truth?

generation K (Kuckleheads)

Olivia & Sydney Love

Who’s Andrew Tate? That guy’s got nothing on these two wisecracking women. Can we inform the generation K of knuckleheads? We think we can. Join us.