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#5 Should we invite to unite?

Hint: “Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend.”

– Martin Luther King, Jr.



Why would we want to think alike? We don’t. But regardless, do we still all want the same thing, love?

It common sense that we should all disagree before we can agree and unite, especially on something complex like truth. Logically, that’s just the way it works, but do we have to do it that way?

Why not find common ground before we disagree?

Can we unite the world around love?

We think we can… wink wink.

Is there logic that unites?

The short answer is… we think so, but we need you to be certain. It’s started below.

1. Is the most important first?
2. Is there others that can be added?
3. Are they written accurately, encouraging UNITY rather than division?


Warning: Deep Human Consciousness Theory below…

#1 Power of the Word (The Bible) This PROVEN LOGIC, based on common sense, concludes that the world you perceive is created with words (sequence of letters), and nothing more. Words are the building blocks of human reality, and they have immeasurable power, so we need to first "understand" the power of the word if we are to understand our perceived reality and live better lives on Earth. The further we dig back in human history, the more we find human understanding the Power of the Word. That commons sense has been clouded for some reason. Think of it this way, whoever wrote the bible is irrelevant, what matter are the "words" in the bible... it goes like this, In the beginning, God "spoke" the world into existence. God or not, that sentence couldn't be more PROVEN true.
#2 Agreements to the Word (Miguel Ruiz - The Four Agreements) This PROVEN LOGIC, based on ancient Toltec wisdom, concludes that human beings make "agreements" in their minds, written in their consciousness using certain chosen words, and it's these agreements that creates our unique perceptions of the world, not what we sense with our senses. It's the "agreements" in our head, not our eyes, that is constructing our mind's illusion. Could it be the "control" we are seeking to escape is nothing but an "agreement" in our mind, that if we break the agreement, we are set free? Hint: ONLY human beings can the use of the "word" or "narrative" to alter their lucid dream, the monkeys are stuck. 
#3 Deception of the Word (George Orwell - Animal Farm/1984) This PROVEN LOGIC, based the two conditions listed above, conclude that words are used with evil intent to deceive. This is creating a cesspool of human ignorance on planet Earth.
#4 Ad Hominem Logical Fallacy (Aristotle - Sophistical Refutations) We must separate the "words" used from the "behavior" of the conscious soul. Bad Earthly behavior does not negate true spiritual words. (Ad hominem is a category of argument strategies that involve criticizing an opponent’s character, motive, background, or another personal attribute instead of their argument’s content.)
#5 Dichotomy Synonomization/Moral Imperative (Matt Lambeau - The FACTS) That which is "wrong" is also evil, selfish, and controlling. That which is "right" is also good, humble, and freedom. It's one way or the other and never both. This "right vs. wrong" synonymous dichotomies is the way all universes work. 

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