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#6 Should we fight for what’s right?

Hint: “Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend.”

– Dr. Martin Luther King

Help write the Tree of Life… #3 BRANCHES of MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING


Why not start from where we all agree?

Could the reason we have world-wide human disagreement be because we all start our human lives from a different spot? What if instead we start from a spot of MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING?


1. Is the most important first?
2. Is there others that can be added?
3. Are they written accurately, encouraging UNITY rather than division?

How do we reach mutual understanding?

The FACTS are "collected wisdom" or "words" written to hopefully improve human lives. Our intent is to establish a logical "root-agreement" that human beings can use at the outset of human discussion (merging paradigms), or to create a "like-minded" foundation or starting point for the following discord. 

Who confirms the accuracy?

The hope is that we confirm the accuracy of the FACTS as they're being written, then of course, they can be changed as human beings continue to discover. Today, our confirmation process looks like this.
#1 The Digital Moses - Top Truth Researcher in the Western hemisphere. #2. English Euclid - Top Psychotherapist in the Eastern hemisphere.
3. You!

Why is this a different narrative?

The FACTS use deliberately chosen "words" intended to create a new "narrative" based in self-evident truth, or what humans refer to as "common sense logic". This simple logic arguably applies to all human beings so it's the perfect "starting point" for human agreement at the outset. By first understanding self-evident truth, or that of which we already agree, this new narrative can accurately "inform the ignorant" mind on planet Earth more so than any other words written to date. Words change minds and lives, and nothing more powerful than words of self-evident truth.

Why are FACTS considered just the “starting point”?

The FACTS are just the "starting point" to a new, more accurate, understanding of the world around us. We UNITE to first accurately articulate that which is unmistakably true, and then we prioritize the new narrative to account for what's "agreed" most important in human life.

Why the Top 10 FACTS?

The new logic and truth start with the Top 10 FACTS. Notice that each logical step elevates the human mind to a new understanding of the world by which we all must live. We just need to understand the FACTS, we don't have to agree. Anyone who simply "contemplates" the FACTS will live a better life through a new, proven, simplified understanding of what's most important in the world around them.

Why are the FACTS so powerful?

Compare the Top 10 FACTS with the Top 10 Commandments and you decide. How about the Top 10 Bill of Rights? Are there more powerful words in all of Creation than the FACTS... that YOU helped research and write? Well, that's for you to decide. Are the words of the Top 10 FACTS more powerful than those in the Ten Commandments? How about the Ten Bill of Rights?

Why ignorant to Informed w/The FACTS?

The FACTS take the human mind from ignorant to informed. That's not an insult, it's not bombastic, it's not offensive in any way, it's an invitation to all human minds to become informed. Why? Ignorance can be dangerous, see Nazi Germany. To free the mind, it must first become informed, or ignorance (Nazi) must first be defeated within the mind. To defeat ignorance, the FACTS use deliberately chosen "words" to help the human mind discover (actually remember) its own purpose, volition, but most importantly the unimaginable power they wield with their words. That's not an insult, it's an invitation.

Why self-evident truth?

The FACTS are an attempt to adhere to common sense logic or what the founding fathers of America called “self-evident truth”. To a human being, self-evident truth means we can disagree, but we can’t refute it, it’s proven true for anyone willing to contemplate. We believe that this self-evident truth must become the starting point, or the “Foundation”, of any “informed” lucid dream on planet Earth.

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