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The War Room!

There is one simple and obvious reason that the explains why anyone would need or seek escape from control, the wrong people (conscious souls) control us individually, and the wrong people control planet Earth, period. Planet Earth is actually controlled by DESPICABLE human beings.

Time for the WAR OF WORDS…

Controlling the Narrative

It’s not complicated, it’s all about the “narrative”. Those that control the narrative, control the world. The FACTS are a new narrative based in common sense truth, and nothing is more powerful than the “words” of truth.

Life gets better if you escape control, both spiritual and human control.

All of life’s problems, from personal to global disarray, are caused by some form of needless control… all of them.

Time to Escape Spiritual Control?

Most need spiritual escape, that’s why churches are so popular. The FACTS eliminate the need for church, in fact they will free your mind to recognize church dogma and untruths. It’s these untruths that you still believe that are making you miserable. And that’s a FACT.

Escape the control and turn your life around, on a dime!

Time to Escape Human Control?

We all need Earthly Escape, that’s why most human beings spend their lives fighting for freedom from control. The FACTS provide a portal to escape to a better life without control. To escape control, we simply need to take our mind from ignorant to informed.

Escape the control and turn your life around, on a dime!

Enter Holy Grail w/Logic

The common sense logic required to enter the Holy Grail is also called “self-evident truth”. That means we can disagree, but we can’t refute it, it’s proven true for anyone willing to think. This self-evident truth must become the starting point of any “informed” lucid dream, or human life on planet Earth. Why? It’s a prerequisite to free you from human control.

#1 Power of the Word (The Bible)

This PROVEN LOGIC, based on common sense, concludes that the world you perceive is created with words (sequence of letters), and nothing more. Words are the building blocks of human reality and they have immeasurable power, so we need to first "understand" the power of the word if we are to understand our perceived reality and live better lives on Earth. Simple stuff here. The further we dig back in human history, the more we find human understanding the Power of the Word. That commons sense has been clouded for some reason. Think of it this way, whoever wrote the bible is irrelevant, what matter are the "words" in the bible... it goes like this, In the beginning, God "spoke" the the world into existence. God or not, that sentence couldn't be more PROVEN true

#2 Agreements to the Word (Miguel Ruiz - The Four Agreements)

This PROVEN LOGIC, based on ancient Toltec wisdom, concludes that human beings make "agreements" in their minds, written in their consciousness using certain chosen words, and it's these agreements that creates our unique perceptions of the world, not what we sense with our senses. It's the "agreements" in our head, not our eyes, that is constructing our mind's illusion. Could it be the "control" we are seeking to escape is nothing but and "agreement" in our mind? That if we break the agreement, we are set free? Hint: ONLY human beings can the use of the "word" or "narrative" to alter their lucid dream, the monkeys are stuck.

#3 Deception of the Word (George Orwell - Animal Farm/1984

This PROVEN LOGIC, based the two conditions listed above, conclude that words are used with evil intent to deceive. This is creating a cesspool of human ignorance on planet Earth.

Without this simple understanding, no human being will ever be truly free. To defeat ignorance, or become informed, or free the spirit or body from control, we must first understand the power of words, there is simply no other path.

Ignorant to Informed w/The FACTS

To free the mind from control, it must first become informed, or ignorance must first be defeated. To defeat ignorance, we use deliberately chosen words, or FACTS, to help the human mind discover it’s own volition, but more importantly, the unimaginable power they wield with their words.

The Top 10 FACTS

Words, and their meaning, establish reality for all human beings, so the Top 10 FACTS are written deliberately using the most powerful words known to mankind, words like the Free World, the Holy Grail, the Great Awakening, etc.  It’s the Power of the Word, and then the Power of the Top 10 FACTS that can not only free you from control, but can also free millions of others.

1. Human Freedom – We are alive and one with Creation, but we are not free, we are slaves to centralized evil on planet Earth. (George Orwell)
2. Human Control – We deserve to be free from ALL coercion and control, zero exceptions.
3. Human Perception – We are conscious souls (spiritual energy) living or navigating a lucid dream (physical energy), and there is clear purpose for our endeavor, to move closer to the Source of love.
4. Human Lives – We will die, we will live. Life is eternal. Those that still question this can be detrimental to individual liberties.
5. Human Selfishness – We must abide by Creation’s dichotomy of Freedom (humility) vs. Control (selfishness). Those that seek control of others are selfish at best, demonic at worst.
6. Human Volition – We create our perceived reality using “words”, and a “narrative”, so through our own volition (spoken word) we have power, immense power
7. Human Evil – We must recognize selfish desire for control. That desire is embedded in human beings from birth. There are demons on planet Earth, these human spirits are 100% selfish, zero humility. These people must be identified and defeated.
8. Human Ignorance – We can rise above global Orwellian ignorance to unite again in the frequencies of truth, the Free World.
9. Human Equality – We are NOT equal, we are unique. Calls for equality are calls for control.
10. Human Difficulty – Human life is supposed to be difficult because that’s what humbles us to grow spiritually.

The FACTS vs. Other Powerful Words

Are the words of the Top 10 FACTS more powerful than those in the Ten Commandments? How about the Ten Bill of Rights?

“We believe there is nothing more powerful than the FACTS. Join the Free World to harness that power in your life.” – Matt Lambeau

The 10 commandments?

Worthless in power.

The 10 bill of rights?

Almost worthless in power.

the Top 10 FACTS?

The most powerful words in all of Creation.

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