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#10 What’s YOUR Foundation?

Hint: “Truth never damages a cause (foundation) that is just.”

―Mahatma Gandhi

What’s your Foundation?

Create a foundation in unconditional love and absolute truth.

Foundations are our churches, political parties, our teachers, our parents. We are born into these ideologies, thus at the outset, it’s all we know. We need to break free from that, actually rise above it. It’s OK that we we’re first subjected to these indoctrination an dogmas, we just need to rise above it and recognize we have it. To unite around love and truth, we must escape our inexorable beliefs. 

We ask our question again…

Can we unite the world
around love?

We think we can…

The FACTS Foundation

  • Vetted experts of this industry to help you with your mindset/emotion…

  • Access to over 10 years of research from famous authors…

  • Access to a private community with curriculum….

  • Access to 1:1 trainings or group session…


GROUPS: Portals of Love

Note that they correspond to our #4 TRUNK OF FACTS…


Human Love

Human Love – We should love others and all life with our heart, soul, and mind. This is the natural frequency of the conscious soul. To do otherwise takes only our own soul into the darkness… 


Human Disagreement

Human Disagreement – We should not think alike. It’s our “diversity of though” that makes us unique and without that, life is pointless. Human beings discover though disagreement… (Learn more)


Human Logic

Human Logic – We should not agree, but we are all still bound by Creation’s dichotomies establishing right (love) and wrong (fear)… These dichotomies demand cognitive thought and accountable volition. (Learn more)


Human Evil

Human Evil – There is proven evil on planet Earth. We are all born slaves to centralized evil on planet Earth… (Learn more)


Human Control

Human Control – We deserve to be free from ALL human coercion and control, zero exceptions. There is no other greater fight. It has always been, and will always be, a battle between Freedom (humility) and Control (selfishness). We are on one side or the other, never both… (Learn more)


Human Perception

Human Perception – We are conscious souls (spiritual energy) navigating a lucid dream (physical energy), and there is clear purpose for our endeavor… (Learn more)


Human Lives

Human Lives – We will die, we will live. The conscious soul is eternal. (Learn more)


Human Selfishness

Human Selfishness – We must abide by Creation’s dichotomy of Freedom (humility) vs. Control (selfishness). Those that seek control of others are selfish at best, demonic at worst… (Learn more)


Human Ignorance

Human Ignorance – We can rise above global Orwellian ignorance to unite again in the frequencies of self-evident truth… (Learn more)

FACT #10

Human Equality

Human Equality – We are NOT equal, we are unique. Calls for equality are calls for control. “The worst form of inequality is to try and make unequal things equal…” – Aristotle (Learn more)

FACT #11

Human Difficulty

Human Difficulty – Human life is supposed to be difficult because that’s what humbles us to grow spiritually… (Learn more)

FACT #12

Human Youth

Human Youth – Most important in any human life is to start your journey with a foundation of logical or proven truth, not dogma. Start with the facts. From there, our completely unique lucid dreams evolve.  (Learn more)

FACT #13

Human Energy

Human Energy – Tesla and Tom are right; we will not need electromagnetic (physical) energy if we use “Scalar Light” (spiritual) energy. There is zero need for fossil fuels… (Learn more)

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Build your foundation in self-evident truth? 

The FACTS Foundation first serves as a spiritual portal into the Tree of Truth (self-evident truth). We first build a foundation in self-evident truth. This elevates the mind above disagreement on planet Earth. Next, The FACTS Foundation is a spiritual portal out of the Tree of Truth, or broadcasting platform founded in truth. This empowers the spirit and changes lives.

Hint: “Truth never damages a cause (foundation) that is just.” ―Mahatma Gandhi

Can it be done? We think so. Together, we got this.

Hint: “Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend.” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Can we create one big like-minded group hug of unconditional love… but with massive power? We think we can. We INVITE to UNITE with WORDS. It’s not a war, or a battle, or even a fight. It’s an invitation to AGREE to UNITE on the TRUTH about LOVE.

Support the Foundation?

Hint: “Truth never damages a cause (foundation) that is just.” ―Mahatma Gandhi

Is there a GREATER CAUSE on planet Earth today than the mission to elevate human mind and change lives for the better? We think not. We have but one simple purpose, to elevate human minds so they live a better human life, that’s it. To improve a human life, we must first elevate a human mind up above the confusion (knucklehead disagreement!) on planet Earth. Why? That’s where common sense prevails and that’s essential to human understanding and agreement.

Do we need a foundation absolute truth?

Hint – “In my life, using the “why evil matters” question as a way to understand why love matters…  why good matters…  why God matters…  has been working for me.” – Alex Tsakiris, Author: Why Evil Matters.

Do we need a “foundation” in unconditional love and absolute truth? It’s simple, whomever controls the narrative (defines the terms), wins the world. It’s that simple. We win the narrative; we win the world. 


“Matt, my brother, I was blown away by your discussion with my dear friend, Alex. You guys have a lot in common. He also gave me a book to read that he wrote called Why Does Evil Matter? Brother, I have been reading your book, The Facts, and I can tell you that it is truly a BREATH OF REAL AIR! I too, have made so many mistakes in life. I can tell you, with a straight face, that there are a lot of things that I hate about myself. Nevertheless, I have striven to be an honest and dependable person. I realize that it isn’t enough to wish or will to be a good person, but to be, rather to do what a good person can do. You are right, this is common fucking sense that is no longer common. It is strange to me how often we lose sight of our own greatness in our everyday lives. Every person we speak to, on a daily basis, are better than the stars we see on TV. They are part of our personal universe. When this truth is realized, we discover that the world isn’t flat or globular, but the shape of you.

We will meet in person one day. Remember that I wrote this.”

– ShaneTheThinker (Skeptiko Forum)

Editorial Reviews

‟Author of one of the best books ever written. Truly a pleasure working with this buyer. I had an amazing experience. Thank you!  I’d like to start with an irrefutable truth, Matt: ‟This is one of the best books ever written.” When your message popped up in my inbox and you asked if I would be interested in working on the book, I skimmed through the PDF, and the first thing that caught my attention was, ‘You’re now holding the most important book written since the Bible.’ My thought was, Oh, really? Let’s see.

Matt, I’ve come to a conclusion, and what I’ve concluded is ‘an irrefutable truth.’ ‟The FACTS: Humanity’s Last Hope is indeed the most important book written since the Bible.” This book has opened my eyes and expanded my knowledge. This book will make a real contribution to the world. You’re amazing, Matt, and thank you for giving the world this ‘MATTNIFICENT’ book. (Mattnificent, new word: of a book important to the world, so engrossing and captivating that one cannot stop reading; it provides answers to the world’s important questions.) Thank you for this great and incredible opportunity, Matt! I’m grateful.”

—Fiverr, talented fixer, Atlanta, Georgia.

“This could be one of the most important books the world has ever seen, a book that will make a real contribution to the world and our understanding of life.”

—Laurel Ornitz, Santa Cruz, California.

‟You opened my eyes to different ways of looking at things—I strongly believe fate put you in my path so I could use this new perspective shift to handle the obstacles that have come my way.”

—Carrie Gauthier, Seattle, Washington.