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#7 Where can we unite for what’s right?

Hint: “Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend.”

– Dr. Martin Luther King


Can we at least agree on where to meet?


 Maybe agreeing is easier than we think?



Humanity’s best collective attempt to establish, simplify, and prioritize that which we mutually agree is unmistakably true.

1. Is the most important first?
2. Is there others that can be added?
3. Are they written accurately, encouraging UNITY rather than division?

Should these FACTS come before Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic when first indoctrinating a human new born ? We think so…

  1. Human Love? – We should love others and all life with our heart, soul, and mind. This is the natural frequency of the conscious soul. To do otherwise takes only our own soul into the darkness... Can we UNITE to WRITE the rest?
  2. Human Disagreement? – We should not think alike. It’s our “diversity of though” that makes us unique and without that, life is pointless. Human beings discover though disagreement... Can we UNITE to WRITE the rest?
  3. Human Logic? – We should not agree, but we are all still bound by Creation’s dichotomies establishing right (love) and wrong (fear)... These dichotomies demand cognitive thought and accountable volition. Can we UNITE to WRITE the rest?
  4. Human Evil? – There is proven evil on planet Earth. We are all born slaves to centralized evil on planet Earth...  Can we UNITE to WRITE the rest?
  5. Human Control? – We deserve to be free from ALL human coercion and control, zero exceptions. There is no other greater fight. It has always been, and will always be, a battle between Freedom (humility) and Control (selfishness). We are on one side or the other, never both... Can we UNITE to WRITE the rest?
  6. Human Perception? – We are conscious souls (spiritual energy) navigating a lucid dream (physical energy), and there is clear purpose for our endeavor...  Can we UNITE to WRITE the rest?
  7. Human Lives? – We will die, we will live. The conscious soul is eternal.  Can we UNITE to WRITE the rest?
  8. Human Selfishness? – We must abide by Creation’s dichotomy of Freedom (humility) vs. Control (selfishness). Those that seek control of others are selfish at best, demonic at worst... Can we UNITE to WRITE the rest?
  9. Human Ignorance? – We can rise above global Orwellian ignorance to unite again in the frequencies of self-evident truth... Can we UNITE to WRITE the rest?
  10. Human Equality? – We are NOT equal, we are unique. Calls for equality are calls for control. "The worst form of inequality is to try and make unequal things equal." - Aristotle... Can we UNITE to WRITE the rest?
  11. Human Difficulty? – Human life is supposed to be difficult because that’s what humbles us to grow spiritually... Can we UNITE to WRITE the rest?
  12. Human Youth? – Most important in any human life is to start your journey with a foundation of logical or proven truth, not dogma. Start with the facts. From there, our completely unique lucid dreams evolve. Proven truth about life, health, finances, love, etc. should be the foundation at the outset... Can we UNITE to WRITE the rest?
  13. Human Energy? - Tesla and Tom are right, we will not need electromagnetic (physical) energy if we use "Scalar Light" (spiritual) energy. There is zero need for fossil fuels... Can we UNITE to WRITE the rest?
  14. Human Addiction? - Anything ingested into the human body (anything, food, alcohol, drugs, etc.) causes our conscious soul to switch frequencies (perception of reality). We must substitute (micro-dose) to safe frequencies away from those that will kill us... Can we UNITE to WRITE the rest?
  15. Human Intellectual Integrity? - Any intellectual, in any discipline, that refuses to consider proven truth is at best a WILF (Willfully Ignorant Lost Fool), and at worst demonic. There is NEVER a legitimate reason to exclude proof. Don't be a WILF! Can we UNITE to WRITE the rest? (Seeking evidence for #15? See Why Science is Wrong about Almost Everything and Why Evil Matters.)
  16. Human Communication? - Let's start with understanding the7% 38% 55% communication rule: The 7-38-55 rule indicates that only 7% of all communication is done through verbal communication, whereas the nonverbal component of our daily communication, such as the tonality of our voice and body language, make up 38% and 55% respectively. Now, let's apply this logic to the lives of all human beings, especially our leaders.

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