Global Concept #4

Unite in Prosperity 

MONEY! Will you unite in bankrupting Central Banking?

We all need money, that’s the way this world works. Who has all the money? Central banking. Why do they have the money? Amortize interest. Why does Central Banking amortize the interest on the poor?  Because planet Earth is ruled by selfish demons.

Will you unite for what’s morally right?

2% Maximum interest rate!

The poor will prosper tomorrow!

Will you unite?

#1 YES – I will Unite in Love or opposition to evil.
#2 YES – I will Unite in Truth or opposition to deception.
#3 YES – I will Unite in Freedom or opposition to central control.
#4 YES – I will Unite in Prosperity or opposition to Central Banking?

If you join us, we will make you RICH beyond your wildest dreams!